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"Chuck" currently resides in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. While he finds organized religion and their fanatics to be morally bankrupt and power hungry he also believes in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights which allow all of us to believe in any god we choose and the ability to worship in any manner our selves feel to be correct and good and right. So long as we respect others' rights to do so as well. The latter concept being foreign to most religious folk.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This man is an asshat.

With freedom comes responsibility. And if you can't properly handle that responsibility than you should be slapped. Yes, I know that is advocating violence but some people are just irresponsible assholes that need proper reprimanding. I could say they should not be allowed to write in a public forum or open their mouth if another if human being is within earshot but that would go against all that I hold dear, our First Amendment. I know you are all wondering, "What is he talking about?"

Here it is. You see, Mr. Dahlgren is passing on an e-mail he received and allowing his audience to believe it is truth. Mr. Dahlgren, you do no one, including your audience and your cause, a good service. You are, essentially, treating them with contempt in your assumption that they will believe something simply because you post it on your site. Mr. Dahlgren is a poor poster of "news" and should have given appropriate caveats to this column.

There are some very important fallacies contained in the e-mail he received and he has not only believed them himself but allowed his readers to believe them. The e-mail lists certain paraphilias as sexual orientations. This website goes into great detail as to why these are NOT orientations, and it can be taken as a good source because of the research the writer went through and the appropriate sources she cited for her determination. Mr. Dahlgren should have done even a minuscule amount of research and he would have been able to write a truthful, informative piece. In its stead he chose to purpetuate lies and hatred to further a cause.

It is truly sad when someone puts their own ideal above truth. We should all strive to remain curious for better education about topics we deem important. We should do due diligence before writing or "reporting" on something. I still receive e-mails that Bill Gates will send me money if I forward an e-mail to everyone in my list. Really? Really. And those who send it truly believe it and do no research before sending it along. Have any of these people received their checks? No, yet they continue to send it along EVERY time it pops into their inboxes. The same stupidity can be attributed to Mr. Dahlgren. Why?

Well, this Bill has been floating around for some time. And several of those folks who have written about this whole "pedophile" thing have been proven wrong and hate filled. It stands to reason that someone as "enlightened" as Mr. Dahlgren would have know about those corrections and simply deleted this bogus e-mail. Alas he did what right wing hate filled people do and decided to march on with incorrect rhetoric and spread the hate a little more. As the saying goes, "If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth." Way to go, sir. Let me guess, you told your wife and kids you love them, too, didn't you? And I would be willing to wager a buck you swear by your religious affiliation.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Anti Semites Unite!

This has not been a good week for Jews. Is there no end to the persecution?

Earlier this week Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, expressed disgust over "them Jews" not letting him speak with or see his former parishioner. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with conservative evangelicals, this manner of speech against Jews isn't an anomaly. Growing up conservative baptist I heard this all the time, though it was usually followed up by some sort of praise for the Jews because, after all, they are god's chosen people. And while they may have it all wrong for not believing in Jesus and are most definitely going to hell because of it, god did choose them first so we must not speak ill of them. Well, now Mr. Wright is offering an apology. Nice.

Let us remember another "famous" person extolling Jewish virtue from several years back. Mel Gibson had so many wonderful things to say about these folks that he was forced to issue an apology. Poor guy.

These two guys are very religious. They work very hard to impose their views and moral code on the masses. Both are openly anti-gay. I don't think it would be a stretch to assume they would love more legislation championing their respective religious gods. Yet they spew hatred of others. They say that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, and perhaps that is true. But what these two religious people should also consider is their own religious text that states, "from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Matthew 12:34. Spoken by their Jesus.

How good can these people be? I'm guessing not much. By their own sword their hearts are wicked.

And this week the national Holocaust Museum was shot up by another anti Semite. Tragic. Once can only guess how emboldened to action he may have been by other's hate speech and rhetoric.

What one says matters. Pat Robertson and his hate might disagree, Jeremiah Wright might not, either, and Mel, well, what can I say about this strict catholic who's divorcing amid infidelity? With morals like these guys have, who needs religion?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My apologies

In the writing classes I've taken we rely on honest peer review. These are the equivalents of editors in professional publications and are not only helpful but necessary for quality writing. It has come to my attention that I have more peer reviewers of this blog than I thought and I welcome the critique and correction.

My last post was quite the mess of information. First, I was unclear in stating my point. Second, there was a glaring error. Two readers pointed this out in the comment section and my thanks goes out to them. I would like to fix these two points in this post.

I'm going to start with the error. John is correct in his statement that there is no law preventing freedom of speech. The hate crimes legislation simply considers crime based on certain criteria "hate crimes" against protected peoples. The new legislation is meant to clarify this and specify new classes as protected. It is not attempting to limit the freedom of speech or inhibit it as I might have implied in my previous post. This implication may have been explicit or implicit but was not intended. I should have spent more time reviewing my post before posting it and I would have caught this.

The point of my last post was also muddled. When this was first pointed out to me by Uzza I didn't see it and came across rather harshly. With their clarification I began to understand the point of the comment tried to clarify my post. A favorite quote from a friend of mine when we would discuss personal difficulties of mine would be, "Can you please be a bit more vague, I think I'm understanding you too well." Being sarcastic myself, this often prompted me to be far more specific than I was used to being.

My point from last post: I don't believe in government censorship. I do, however, believe in personal censorship and think that individuals should have private filters that work between their brains and their mouths to prevent certain things from being said. The radio hosts linked to in my last post engaged in their right to free speech when they spoke of beating innocent children simply because they didn't like them. Aside from being mean spirited this kind of talk could, quite possibly, embolden someone to act accordingly. It was this type of talk that "allowed" a school student to kill another student simply because the other student was different. One student was raised hearing homophobic hate speech and, when the other expressed his attraction to this student of the same sex, shot him. The rhetoric he heard regularly "allowed" this action. When anti-choice people consistently label abortion doctors and women using these services "murderers" they diminish their human-ness and reduce them to evil "others" deserving of death. This speech "allows" folks like Mr. Roerden, the gentleman who recently shot an abortion provider in a church, to feel justified in ridding the world of such beasts. When Greenpeace labels lumberjacks "rapists of the earth" they justify the spiking of trees and the injury or death of those "rapists".

It's unfortunate that these are repercussions of our First Amendment. It would be fantastic of people understood and considered the consequences of their actions before committing to them audibly or in written form but, alas, we aren't all the concerned with consequences these days.

I hope this post is clearer than the last and I apologize for that miscommunication. Thank you for your honest peer review and thank you so much for reading.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

"Yes, we can!"

But that doesn't mean that we should. With freedoms come responsibilities. When we are children we are taught respect for others and acceptance of different cultures and peoples, with their religions and cultures and ways of live. We are America and consist of myriad ways to enjoy our being. Part of that enjoyment is being able to express ourselves freely however we choose. Some of us write, some of us draw or paint. Some utilize other media such as photography or acting. However it is you choose to express your opinions and thoughts and ideas is protected with our First Amendment.

Well, in the over two hundred years since this was firmly established within our Constitution and practiced by the many in our country, there are those who feel there are no responsibilities attached to these freedoms; that their freedom to speak and to be heard should allow them to run unencumbered by any responsibility for their speech whatsoever. And, as they say, one bad apple...

Many of those folks are religious and feel that speaking hatred about the "other" with whom they don't agree is not only their right but their "god"-given duty. Take Pat Robertson, a very outspoken televangelist I have mentioned here before. He is, once again, speaking out about the danger of homosexuality and it's impending slippery slope of aberration. Yes, the godless fags will soon be having sex with all manner of animals; and he specifically mentions ducks. And, of course, at the same time mentions pedophilia because, as statistics show, gays must molest children in order to recruit. They can't just breed the little fuckers to increase the gay population, after all. You would think he would reserve that for the NAMBLA catholics but, alas, that may be just too close to home.

Others who like to spread the hate are radio talk show hosts. Theirs is a little more dangerous because they like to incite violence against "others" they don't like. Pat Robertson may want to listen to this little diatribe against children. These radio hosts honestly believe that beating innocent children is a worthwhile endeavor if it achieves the desired results. They learn well from the "ways justify the means" crowd and all the ethics and morals that go with it.

And then you have the anti-whatever groups. Like right-wing right to lifers. A doctor was killed IN CHURCH last week. He performed late-term abortions and religious nuts didn't like him. He had a history of violence and hate speech perpetrated against him so often that he had body guards. Last week they got him; because killing a live person who's business you know very little about is better than aborting a fetus that won't live outside the womb. Greenpeace is like this, too. For them it's better to beat a harp seal hunter to death with a club than it is for a hunter to beat a harp seal; humanity is worth far less than harp seals. They also peg trees with large metal spikes, trees that are marked for clear cutting on private property by privately owned companies. Again, Greenpeace thinks it's better to violently harm humanity than it is for people to chop down a renewable resource.

Many of these groups are now on the defensive because of the doctor who was killed IN CHURCH last week. They are defending their freedom of speech by claiming that they never called for violence against anyone. But when you define someone as a "murderer of children" or a "baby killer" or another hateful moniker you are encouraging violence. Freedom of Speech is not a no-strings-attached freedom. We are all held accountable for what comes out of our mouths in one way or another.

This image could, very well, be adjusted to any number of hateful organizations in the world today. It would fit Pat Robertson to a "T", as it would fit those disgusting radio hosts or pro-lifers or Greenpeace or Focus on the Family or Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps.

So, while we are able to say whatever we like we should also remember that there are affects. Someone will feel it. Hate speech legislation is important for this reason, to keep people accountable for what they say. And it protects those who are against this legislation, too; religious folks. And while I'm no fan of censorship I am a fan of personal responsibility. Something some folks who talk know nothing about.