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"Hey, you have your religion in my politics" "Hey, you have your politics in my religion" Two tastes that could be great, just NOT together. Let's discuss how religious zealots are ruining the spirit of the United States and trampling your rights for the sake of their own god.

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"Chuck" currently resides in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. While he finds organized religion and their fanatics to be morally bankrupt and power hungry he also believes in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights which allow all of us to believe in any god we choose and the ability to worship in any manner our selves feel to be correct and good and right. So long as we respect others' rights to do so as well. The latter concept being foreign to most religious folk.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ethics? In Government? Can't be...

To say that the men who drafted our U.S. Constitution were religious would be an understatement. They didn't just believe in a strict moral code but they also lived that code. There was no room for "me" in government. They believed in inclusiveness and fairness, they believed in championing the little guy, the man without a voice. Ever wonder why we have two legislative houses and why one has two representatives from every state regardless of population? It's so the most populous state can't trample the equality of the least populous state. A great idea. Why is there a Bill of Rights that so staunchly protects the citizenry? So the government can't trample "the people" all willy nilly. These founding fathers crafted a country very carefully to ensure fairness and freedom for as many as possible. And they didn't think of their own purse contents when they did this, but, in fact, risked it all when they drafted the Declaration of Independence. They were thoughtful, considerate, and "us" thinking men.

Today's governing body is not like this at all. While I believe and defend the separation of church and state I believe we have forsaken morality for and good ethical standing for a "me" mentality. Our elected officials pursue that "I" in team so fervently and vigorously it's no wonder they are so tired. Most of these people are rich when they run for office and richer when they leave. It matters not if these folks are Republicans or Democrats, they chase fame and fortune like salmon swimming to spawn. They need morals. They need ethics. Not just ethics reform because, really, you can't reform something you don't have. And sad to say, they need a little religion. Honest faith. And fear for their souls. If they had them.


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