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"Hey, you have your religion in my politics" "Hey, you have your politics in my religion" Two tastes that could be great, just NOT together. Let's discuss how religious zealots are ruining the spirit of the United States and trampling your rights for the sake of their own god.

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"Chuck" currently resides in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. While he finds organized religion and their fanatics to be morally bankrupt and power hungry he also believes in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights which allow all of us to believe in any god we choose and the ability to worship in any manner our selves feel to be correct and good and right. So long as we respect others' rights to do so as well. The latter concept being foreign to most religious folk.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Religion and the electorate

Look at most major elections and you see a trend toward religion. Everyone wants to be religious and emit a strong sense of god goodness. And despite any political record they may have this becomes a major reason for voting. There was a lot of talk about Obama's religion during our presidential election with so many afraid he might be a closet Muslim. As if that would even matter. He cleaved to his christianity like a drowning man holds the life ring, people all around him defending his religion. He's not alone. Past presidents have all made very public their church attendence before and while in office. But what good is all this talk about religion and goodness and god? One need only look at Bill Clinton and his adultry and Roland Burris and his lies and G.W. Bush and his senseless murder of gi's and his abundance of stupidity and lies. Religion does nothing. Yet we will continue to elect them for this qualification.

Will we ever see the forest for the trees? None too soon, unfortunately.



Blogger Fannie said...

Remember during one of the early presidential debates when Dennis Kucinich talked about how he believed in UFOs and every mocked him?

I always find it interesting that belief in one type of supernatural being is a pre-requisite for running for office, while belief in another type is grounds for ridicule...

10:00 AM  
Blogger Chuck said...

Causes me to remember the South Park episode when the kids end up speaking with God:

"The correct answer is....



11:19 AM  

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