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"Hey, you have your religion in my politics" "Hey, you have your politics in my religion" Two tastes that could be great, just NOT together. Let's discuss how religious zealots are ruining the spirit of the United States and trampling your rights for the sake of their own god.

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"Chuck" currently resides in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. While he finds organized religion and their fanatics to be morally bankrupt and power hungry he also believes in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights which allow all of us to believe in any god we choose and the ability to worship in any manner our selves feel to be correct and good and right. So long as we respect others' rights to do so as well. The latter concept being foreign to most religious folk.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today, We Vote

Remember, today is NOT about political affiliation or parties. You vote for a candidate who will represent this country the best. No one party will do that for you and they need to know that you know that. We already know that no party will do the right thing, so that leaves that chore up to you. Voting along party lines is for the unimaginative and ignorant.

Our founding fathers risked everything they had for the start of this country, and that was quite a bit. Most of these guys had lots of money and land and prestige. They sacrificed this for us. Today's politicians have greed and ego. Neither of which they are willing to sacrifice. They don't really care about you, the citizen, they care about being a politician and all that entails. Just look at the indictments and you will see that that is power, prestige, and other ill-gotten gains. They are nothing like the founding fathers, no matter how much they try to persuade you otherwise.

Remember, if they lie to get into office, they will lie once in. If they exagerate about their opponents work to get your vote, they will do the same about their own record. It's up to YOU to pay attention.

Now get out and vote.



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